After Life

Short Films / Pilots


Availability ended 12/19/2020 PST
Tyler, a recently dead, carefree goofball, joins a team of rowdy ghosts, but during a routine assignment they’re interrupted by a ghost hunters reality TV crew. With their target ghost still on the loose, it’s a mad dash to find her before the ghost hunters do. Who will get to her first - our team of Ghosts, the Ghost Hunters, or the evil spirits who would like nothing more than to possess a freshly crossed-over soul?


Directed by Michael Cerisano
Maurico Marces

Written by Michael Cerisano
Maurico Marces
Sean Rogers

Produced by Andrea Volb
Mauricio Marces

Cast Sean Rogers
Brian Michael Smith
Jasson Finney
Andrea Volb
Catharine Daddario
Joseph Scott Ford
Sarah Seeds
Eamon O'Rourke
Jess Stark
Becky Granger

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