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Best Actor in a Short Film

David Witts (Furca), John Hennigan (The Speed of Time), Peter Banifaz (Content Guidelines), Andres Michael (The Punishment), Patrick Tamisiea

Best Actress in a Short Film

Romina Kuper (Malou), Josephine Chang (Make a Wish), Dana Estevez Conde (Piel Canela), Jenna Laurenzo (The Stars and Thunder), Marisa Hood (Furca) 

Best Director in a Short Film

Jack Martin (Manhunt), Michelle Salcedo (Piel Canela), Julia Weisberg (Mara), William J. Stribling (The Speed of Time), Corey Mayne (Willa) 

Best Animation

Don't Croak, Super, Master Moley by Royal Invitation, Anacronte, Afterglow 

Best Comedy Short

Furca, The Speed of Time, #princessproblems, I Am Evelyn Rose, Do It Yourself 

Best Drama Short

The Stars and Thunder, Fish Head, Jack, After Emma, Piel Canela (Cinammon Skin)

Best Thriller Short
Beckoned, We Die Alone, Forget Me Nots, Manhunt, Mark of the Banshee

Best Micro Short
Choices, ZOG: The First Feminist, Womxn, Lumeria, Artist's Block

Best Short Documentary

What if..., Whales Without Walls, Chasing Color: A Gen Trader's Journey, Iric

Best Feature Documentary

Iconicity, Cinematographer, Quiet Explosions: Healing the Brain

Best Pilot

Happily Ever Ally, Couple's Therapy, After Life, Adult ADR, Daddy Issues

Best Director of a Feature

Jack Lawrence Mayer (Big House), Christie Conochalla (Forever Not Maybe), Maceo Greenberg (Take Me to Tarzana), Joe Raffa (Dark Harbor), Logan Thomas (There's No Such Thing As Vampires)

Best Actor in a Feature Film

Tom Bower (Senior Love Triangle), Sterling Hurst (Dark Harbor), Jonathan Bennett (Take Me to Tarzana), Evan O'Brien (Big House), Ryan Caraway (First Blush)

Best Actress in a Feature Film

Tanna Frederick (Two Ways Home), Emma Holzer (There's No Such Thing as Vampires), Mandahla Rose (Forever Not Maybe), Rachel Alig (First Blush), Jessica Sipos (Dark Harbor)

Best Picture

Forever Not Maybe, Take Me to Tarzana, Dark Harbor, Big House, Senior Love Triangle

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