House Sitting

Short Films / Pilots


Availability ended 12/19/2020 PST
After a traumatic experience Alice, a latina woman in her dying 30s, finds herself dropping her life in New York and headed into a new adventure. However, without money or a plan she decides to reach out to her network of people to see who needs a house sitter and let fate decide her next turn. That is how Alice ends up in LA. Seeing life through other people's places and stuff, she learns to move on, own up and stand for what she believes. Oh yes, she also learns how weird LA can be.


Directed by Luciana Faulhaber

Written by Luciana Faulhaber

Produced by Luciana Faulhaber
Javier E. Gomez

Cast Luciana Faulhaber
Brock Williams
Curtis Hamilton
Mike Heslin
Nicolas James Wilson
Erika Zabelle

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