ZOG: The First Feminist

Short Films / Pilots


Availability ended 12/19/2020 PST
Almost 250,000 years ago, the first feminist, Zog, is born. She spends her life railing against societal expectations. After revolutionizing systems of hunting and agriculture and receiving no credit from the patriarchal establishment, she convenes a village meeting for women only. To the women of the village, she says: "Don't let those men tell you you can't, because you can!" The village chief is not pleased, and orders her execution.


Directed by Benjamin Folstein

Written by Benjamin Folstein

Produced by Benjamin Folstein

Cast Elise Reynard and Benjamin Folstein (aka Peppermint Teabag) With James Barber
Danté Mann
Yuko Nakao
Kate Smith
Raluca Albu
Maureen Cavanaugh
Robyn Olds
and Lilly Merrill

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